Global African Revenue Digital Entertainment Network

Tony Abulu

Welcome to Blaze Channel Garden, a one-stop Digital Entertainment portal designed to inform, educate and monetize African culture worldwide. For too long, African culture has remained virtually untapped. Courageous and talented exponents in Film, Music, Fashion, Art and Sports generating over Two trillion Dollars annually worldwide have not benefitted from the financial windfall from their God given talents, thereby rendering Africa and Africans financially poor, helpless and morally demoralized.

Blaze Channel, USA has been created to drastically change that sad past. Utilizing a unique and highly strategic monetization formula, creators of African cultural products worldwide, will benefit directly from their products, thus formalizing and advancing entrepreneurship opportunities for the creators of the Art and entertainment products and by so doing, elevate the financial lot of their people. From the bustling cities of Lagos Nigeria where Nollywood film and Afrobeat music reign supreme, to the vast culturally talented hub of Harlem, USA, African arts and entertainment will coalesce into a dynamic force to raise the financial fortunes of a disenfranchised people.

Blaze Channel, USA employs a strategic monetization formula to attract the global cultural and artistic strength of over Two Billion Africans worldwide, including Continental Africans, African-Americans, African-Europeans, Brazilians, Cubans, Caribbean Africans, Asian Africans etc, to generate income and revenue from their God given talents. Blaze Channel, USA will present the artforms and entertainment products for the benefit and enjoyment of the entire world. Blaze Channel therefore hopes to become the repository of African History, Culture and entrepreneurship. A one-stop monetization portal for African talent and creativity worldwide.

For producers of African entertainment products, your time is now, reach out to us to upload your products and ask how it can be monetized. Feel free to create visionary art, tell supremely imaginative stories, and expand your vision and imagination to feed the world with true creativity as you have always done, only this time, you will benefit directly from your labor.

Welcome all therefore, to the dawn of a new digital African world.

Best regards,
Founder and CEO - Tony Abulu