Privacy Policy

Effective: March 1st, 2016

Your privacy is very important to us at Blaze Channel, USA. This Privacy Policy describes the information Blaze Channel, USA collects from visitors to our website/ Portal and how we protect your privacy when we use that information. This Privacy Policy also extends to and covers Blaze Channel, USA TV, Android Apps and other applications.

The Information Blaze Channel, USA collects and How It is Used

Please note what kinds of information may be collected about you when you use of the Blaze Channel, USA services and what we might do with that information. Blaze Channel, USA collects two types of information from people who use the Blaze Channel, USA Services:

(i) information that identifies a particular person using a website, and

(ii) activity information about a person's use of the Web Services without identifying him or her.

Information that Identifies Someone

Information that identifies a particular person is "Personally-Identifiable Information" or "PII." It could be a full name, or address. We will not share this information with an advertiser, and we will not share it with another website or company, unless you tell us to (for example, if you want to post information from your Plaxo page on your Facebook page). We also use PII to provide services to you. For example, we may use it to bill you for services, to check your credit, to confirm your identity when you login, or to communicate with you. Sometimes we use other companies to help us provide our services. We may share your information with these companies, but they are required to protect it and to use it only to provide services to you.

Information that Does Not Identify a Specific Person

Information that does not identify a particular person is "Non-Personally-Identifiable Information" or "non-PII." It could be an anonymous personal record of online activity, or information you put in a profile - like your zip code, or your gender (when it's used without your name). We routinely collect this kind of information and use it to improve your experience, for example, by showing you content and advertising that may be more relevant and interesting to someone like you. Sometimes we share this non-PII with other companies that help us deliver and improve our services.

Disclosure of your Information

We respect and protect your privacy, but it is possible that we may be required to provide information about you to a court or law enforcement agency. In these cases, we will only disclose your information if we are legally required to do so—if we receive a valid subpoena, court order, or search warrant, for example.

Important Agreement

Please note that when you use the Blaze Channel, USA Web Services, you are agreeing that the policy applies to you.

Advertisement on Blaze Channel, USA

We use advertising networks to help us display ads to you. In addition, our content providers may have the right to sell ads in the content they distribute through the Blaze Channel, USA services. All of these parties may use cookies and other technology to help them understand how you interact with their services so they can deliver your ads that are more useful to you.

Blogs and other Fora/ Surveys

If you choose to post information on blogs or fora on the Blaze Channel, USA Services, it will not be private. Once the information is posted, other users may copy or store it. You may choose to exchange information between the Blaze Channel, USA Web Services and a social network, such as information from your Blaze Channel profile, information about what you do on Blaze Channel Web Services, or information about the people, places, and things that you follow on your social network. If we get instructions to send your information to, or collect your information from, one of these networks, we will follow those instructions.