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Blaze ChannelĀ®: Currently in over 60 million homes in the USA and the Caribbean.

Below are our main partner stations:

Blaze Channel is the very First African platform in the world to broadcast African music, Nollywood movies and African superstar-related sitcoms and more, in over 60 million american and caribbean homes;

presenting the most substandtial Pay-Per-View revenue potential.

Blaze In Atlantic world, Nigeria:

With content coming from all over the African continent.

Blaze Channel sitcoms, and huge shows and recordings are to be homed in the well over 50 acres lands of the emerging Atlantic World, Nigeria.

There is yet more to come for Blaze Channel. We aim to ever increase our reach past the already successfully entertained 60+ million active watchers of Blaze, to generate substantial growth and revenues with our Pay-Per-View functionalities and services, and the tons of other venues that are to spawn from Blaze ChannelĀ®.

We are thankful for your time in viewing this short presentation of our history so far, and would be well grateful and pleased with your partnership with us. Contact us personally upon interest, and see how much we can do together!